Surety Bonds

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Professional Insurance Associates offers surety bonds, and we are proud of our history of excellent customer service. We take a comprehensive approach to your surety needs, looking for ways to help you grow your business. We strive to find ways to help contractors get the surety credit they need. We offer the following surety bond services:

Bid Bonds 
A guarantee that the contractor will enter into a contract, if it is awarded to him, and furnish a contract bond (sometimes called "performance bond") as is required by the terms of the contract.

Payment Bonds
A bond to assure payment of a contractor’s obligations to its subcontractor’s and suppliers. Payment bonds are usually required on public works projects and often required on private projects.

Mortgage Broker Bonds
Mortgage Broker bonds legally provide mortgages to home owners. To qualify you must complete an application and have a credit score that qualifies.

Performance Bonds 
Performance Bonds guarantee performance of the terms of a written contract. Performance Bonds often, but not always, incorporate payment bond and maintenance bond liability.